Direct Mail Letters/Packages

In this section you will find samples of direct mail package as well as a number of examples of direct mail letters.

This first example was created for Zacks, a company known for invest research, to introduce prospect to their portfolio management services.


This letter was part of a package I developed for the former owner of SuperCircuits to introduce his new startup SigCorps. The company offered high-quality LED signaling products like police car light bars at lower than industry prices. As part of the package we included a low-end product sample – a LED road flare.


This letter was included as an insert into  J Taylor’s

Gold & Technology Stocks newsletter to introduce his subscribers to a new newsletter that would help to teach them about buying and selling options as well as supply timely tips on options to invest in.


Money laundering is major problem for banks, investment companies and other business that handle a lot of cash. Every year the Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists holds its international conference. This letter was part of a package developed to attract new and return attendees. The package was part of a larger campaign that raised attendance to new levels and far exceed the companies growth goal for the year.

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