The U.S. AML landscape is getting
tougher. The new Congress will put
regulators under much tighter scrutiny.

As the Riggs Bank scandal showed, that
means more headaches for you...

With recent fines and penalties running in the tens of
millions—making sure you are compliant has never been
more essential. Protect your organization—and your career.

  • Are you prepared if regulators walk through your office door unannounced today?
  • Are you current on the new laws and regulations and how to comply?
  • Are you aware of good compliance strategies that will help you and your organization avoid hefty fines, bad publicity or even criminal prosecution?
  • Are you familiar with the investigative techniques you should follow to unmask the true beneficial owners?

If you are unsure of the answers to these and other vital questions, you must attend the world’s most renowned international anti-money laundering conference.

That’s why I’m inviting you to join over 1,500 of your fellow anti-money laundering professionals from more than 60 countries at...

The and Money Laundering Alert
12th Annual International Conference and Exhibition,
March 1921, 2007, at the Westin Diplomat Resort and Spa
in Hollywood, Florida.

You can’t afford to miss the one conference that each year tackles the tough issues facing anti-money laundering professionals, gives you unvarnished guidance and keeps you up to date on the changing rules and regulations that impact you on a daily basis.

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Internal AuditsA Checklist for Financial Institutions.

Dear Anti-Money Laundering Professional,

Imagine having more than 50 of the world’s top experts guide you through:

  1. Today’s most dangerous money laundering landmines.

  2. The best practices in AML compliance, supervision and law enforcement.

It’s information that’s never been more important or vital especially in light of recent events...

In the past two years, BankAtlantic agreed to pay a $10 Million U.S. Justice Department forfeiture and was forced to conduct an extremely expensive “look-back.”

ABN AMRO paid a total of $80 Million to state and federal authorities for violations of various regulations, and poor controls of correspondent accounts that let Russian shell companies move money.

Israel Discount Bank of New York paid a total of $37 Million to state and federal authorities also for correspondent account compliance deficiencies.

And the list is not limited to banks…

Western Union has shelled out a total of $19 Million in penalties for state and federal AML violations in the past three years.

And Oppenheimer & Co., the first Wall Street securities firm to be penalized for a Bank Secrecy Act violation, paid $2.8 Million for not having adequate AML training and staff among other infractions.

These are just a few illustrations of stepped-up enforcement by U.S. regulators, most of which were aimed at non-United States institutions. These are among the enforcement actions that our expert panelists will dissect at this year’s conference—giving you the opportunity to learn from others’ mistakes and avoid similar fines, penalties and forfeitures for your institution wherever you are located.

And that is only one example of what you’ll take away from the information-packed sessions offered to you when you register for this year’s conference.

You’ll also learn…

Keys to identifying the real ownership of shell companies and offshore accounts and lessening the risk of them moving terrorist or drug money through your institution
How to prepare your institution for a regulatory review so you sail easily through the process
What insurance companies, money services businesses and mutual fund administrators need to know to be fully compliant with the year’s new regulations
The #1 mistake that anti-money laundering compliance officers make, and why it can destroy your career
Common reporting blunders and how to avoid them
What you don’t know about due diligence under the Patriot Act Section 312 regulations, and how it could devastate your institution and its reputation if you don’t comply correctly
7 warning signs that your institution could be the target of the next multi-million dollar penalty
And so much more...

Imagine having access to the world’s top money laundering experts offering you timely information along with tips and strategies you can use from the moment you return to the office—plus wonderful materials you can take away, such as an interactive CD-ROM and Conference Book, as your own reference guide.

Those are some of the many reasons that last year more than 1,500 of your anti-money laundering colleagues from the United States, Cayman Islands, Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, France, the Bahamas, Switzerland and many other countries from around the world registered and attended this exciting conference.

Even better sessions are presented this year by more than 50 of the top minds in money laundering prevention. You get AML intelligence of unparalleled excellence.

This year’s conference is filling up at a record pace and we are again expecting a sell-out crowd…

…making this conference, by far, your best opportunity to meet with others in the field. When you register now and attend, you’ll build relationships with professionals you will be able to call on for years to come to discuss issues and find solutions as situations arise.

And here’s another important reason to register now:

The and Money Laundering Alert 12th Annual International Money Laundering Conference and Exhibition is being held March 19–21, 2007, at the exquisite Westin Diplomat Resort & Spa on the beach in Hollywood, Florida.

We’ve secured a special rate during the South Florida high winter season just for our conference attendees, but because of the high demand at the Westin Diplomat Resort, you must be registered for the conference in order to make your hotel reservations.

Our customer service department will send you the link to the Group Reservations Page once you are registered to attend the conference.

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Internal AuditsA Checklist for Financial Institutions. This whitepaper tackles a major duty you may face and provides detailed information on how to ensure that you look at every crucial aspect of your AML program when conducting an internal audit. The last thing you want is your regulator finding something that you missed.

The checklist was just presented by Sacha Schwab, a top AML officer at Bank Julius Baer & Co., at The and Money Laundering Alert Third Annual European Money Laundering Conference in Berlin October 30 to November 1. So the information is as current as it gets.

Only a limited number of these whitepapers are being produced and yours will be waiting for you when you pick up your registration packet at the conference.

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Charles Intriago

President and Publisher and Money Laundering Alert

P.S. Don’t put your career or your company’s reputation on the line. With the information you’ll learn in just three spectacular days at this year’s conference, you’ll have the tools you need to reduce your exposure to the increased risks that exist in today’s fluid AML environment. Register now!

P.P.S. Remember, the conference is filling up at a record pace and we expect to hit capacity this year, so I encourage you to register as soon as possible to ensure your spot at this important conference.

3 things your manager needs to know to give you the green light!

  • Anti-Money Laundering Officers
  • Money Laundering Reporting Officers
  • Risk Management Officers
  • Bankers
  • Securities Brokers and Dealers
  • Money Services Businesses
  • Insurance Companies
  • Financial Institution Regulators
  • Law Enforcement Agents
  • Mutual Fund and Investment Advisors
  • Intelligence Officers
  • Credit, Debit and Pre-Paid Card Companies
  • Lawyers and Certified Public Accountants
  • Anti-Money Laundering Consultants

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The conference will
be held at the
spectacular beachfront Westin Diplomat Resort

& Spa.

Enjoy golf, swimming, tennis, evening entertainment and all the comforts of a top-tier resort.

The Westin Diplomat will sell out quickly, and you must be registered for the conference to reserve your room.
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High level of information
“Quality speaks for itself…the high level of information received, makes (it) the best in the world.”

Maria R. Croes, Compliance Officer
Caribbean Mercantile Bank NV, Oranjes, Aruba

Expands your knowledge
“By far the best. (It) provides ways…to expand your knowledge about new ways launderers…launder money…”

Wesly Saint Fleur, Compliance Officer
Sun American Bank, Miami USA

Incredibly informative
“An incredibly informative conference that is a must for
all AML professionals.”

Dale Perez, Manager, Compliance Oversight
Russell Investment Group, Tacoma, Washington USA

Very impressive
“Excellent! The first time I attended and will definitely come back. The number of vendors was very impressive too.”

Mary Rand, Director AML/OFAC Compliance
AXA Equitable, Syracuse, New York USA