Direct Response Ads

Practice Builders, Economy adPractice Builders, Economy ad  — During the recession of the 1990s we used this ad to educate and convince physicians that a recession can actually be one of the best times to build their businesses, if they market correctly. Too many small businesses are afraid to advertise in hard times and tend to miss out on the business that is still going on. Even in a recession you have to continue to let prospects know your services are available.

MSM500 Full Page adMSM500 Full Page ad — This is one of two long-form direct response ads I like to show. It works hard to educate the prospects on the benefits of the product and offers numerous benefits as well as testimonials from satisfied customers. Needless to say it attracted many inquiries from interested chiropractors.

Radiologist Full Page adRadiologist Full Page ad — This ad was also targeted to chiropractors and presented them with a plan to have their X-rays read by a boardcertified radiologist. At the time, mailing off your x-rays was a new concept. And the ad worked extremely well. Today, the same kind of service is available digitally over the Internet.

4-page newspaper insert4-page newspaper insert — This hearing aid specialist had been using large-format newspaper inserts to promote the practice for a number of years. This piece made use of strong offers as well as relationship building techniques such as creating a special “practice ambassador” program for current clients. The piece out-performed previous inserts by more than 2 to 1.

Practice Builders, Sleep adPractice Builders, Sleep ad — When I was working for Practice Builders we used a little bit of whimsy in this ad, without moving too far from direct response strategies to successfully fill a room with interested sleep professionals at a sleep medicine conference — resulting in new clients for the agency.

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