While working with Alaska Sleep Clinics, I wrote and pretty much directed this video that is used to help new patients understand what to expect after being diagnosed with sleep apnea. Unfortunately there is a lot of anecdotal information out there about people being left on their own once the diagnosis is made and equipment is issued (real life story – I was personally issued equipment through my healthcare provider and given little or no info on how to use it, what to expect, or how to get replacement parts, I only learned what I should have gotten from friends who had been using this stuff for years.) This video helps to overcome fears and misinformation. Budget constraints limited the amount of animation that could be done at the time.

The idea of this piece was to help people understand that much of the plastic they believe they are recycling is actually ending up in landfills because there is far more plastic than manufacturing capacity. The company it was produced for makes packing materials from recycled plastic that competed against foam and other less recyclable products. They were hoping to use the piece to get consumers to insist on having their items packed with this type of material.