Television Spots

Maryland Pain Specialists

maryland-pain1This ad was part of a re-branding assignment for a group of anesthesiologists and physiatrists (pain management doctors) in the Baltimore area. We gave the practice a new name “Maryland Pain Specialists” and created a mixed-media campaign for them that included both print and television. The spots are all 30s due to media costs. While we had hoped to use real testimonials, we found that most of the patients were not very suitable. Instead we chose to show people being active, while talking to the prospect about the prospect’s pain and alluding to the idea that they themselves were no longer in pain – but never saying it, as they were not patients. The spot was done on a shoestring budget and the talent were, for the most part, nonprofessionals to give the spot more of a testimonial feel. While the spot follows many DM rules there was not an opportunity to use a real offer – so we had to rely on the emotion of the spot and the call to action to generate response.

Beautiful Legs

beautiful-legs Recently completed these spots for a practice in Maryland that does nothing but vein work – such as the removal of varicose and spider veins. These spots are the beginning of a new campaign that is both testimonial based and intended to establish a spokesperson for the practice. While we created 60s as well as the 30s, we launched with just the 30s and began receiving an average of 10 calls for initial appointments every day the ads ran from the first day on.

 before-after-veins  out-about-veins

Dream Dental

dream-dental This spot was developed for a dentist in the Scottsdale area that specialized in working with people who were afraid of going to the dentist. The spot was intended to convey the idea that you are not alone in being scared of dentists. All the individuals in the spot are patients.