FLYER_HenryWebHenry Schein Web Flyer — Developed as one of a series handouts, this piece was used by Henry Schein (a major provider of medical supplies) sales reps to help sell the services of Healthcare Success Strategies (HSS) to their customer base as an added benefit of being a Henry Schein customer. This flyer promoted the benefits of using HSS to create custom practice Websites. As a side note, I also wrote one of the websites pictured on the flyer.


FLYER_HenryWeb_ONSITE_finalHenry Schein Onsite Flyer — Another in a series handouts developed as sales aids for Henry Schein reps, this flyer promotes a program where marketing professionals from Healthcare Success Strategies meet with physicians and their staffs at the doctors’ location to help them create a marketing program to build their practice.