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I recently completed an assignment with Steadfast Capital Markets Group in Irvine, CA. The company offers several alternative investment products. Until recently they had only offered Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), but while I was there we launched a new credit fund. The first of these ads was intended to introduce the company as a source for “ALLternative” products, but since the credit fund had not launched, due to SEC regulations, it could not be talked about. The second ad was for an existing REIT product. Again due to SEC and FINRA regulations I was very limited in what I could say in the ad, though we were able to highlight one of the key benefits. I highlighted that they look to increase overall value of the properties owned the REIT by doing selective upgrades to apartments within a property.

Free WatersFlyer_final

For several years I worked with a sleep clinic in Alaska. The clinic’s owner had a friend who was starting up a company that offered short Alaskan river trips basically for donations, and asked if I could help him develop an ad to promote the service. The piece was to distributed in the area to attract customers. We decided to promote the owner’s love for the local rivers and desire to share the experience with both local residents and tourists.

langer-juice-adI created this ad for the Langer Juice Company. It ran in a grocery chain house publication and was targeted to California consumers in agricultural areas of the state. It promotes the fact that the company is family run and uses local produce in its products. While I suggested images that would tie in with the family operated theme of the company, timing led the company to use only available product shots.

LDWebsitePoster_final.indd While technically not a print ad, this poster was used in all of the elevator lobbies at loanDepot when they launched the redesign of their website in 2015.

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While working with Alaska Sleep Clinics, I wrote and pretty much directed this video that is used to help new patients understand what to expect after being diagnosed with sleep apnea. Unfortunately there is a lot of anecdotal information out there about people being left on their own once the diagnosis is made and equipment is issued (real life story – I was personally issued equipment through my healthcare provider and given little or no info on how to use it, what to expect, or how to get replacement parts, I only learned what I should have gotten from friends who had been using this stuff for years.) This video helps to overcome fears and misinformation. Budget constraints limited the amount of animation that could be done at the time.

The idea of this piece was to help people understand that much of the plastic they believe they are recycling is actually ending up in landfills because there is far more plastic than manufacturing capacity. The company it was produced for makes packing materials from recycled plastic that competed against foam and other less recyclable products. They were hoping to use the piece to get consumers to insist on having their items packed with this type of material.

Packaging Labels

Edgerton label Langers Borton label

One of the things I do for Langer Juice Company is to write the “stories” that appear on their juice bottles. These two were part of a campaign that featured growers that supply the fruit that Langers uses for their juices.

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Thank you for visiting my portfolio site. You’ll find I offer more than 20 years of experience creating hard-hitting, benefit-laden, results-oriented copy. Over the years I have developed award-winning direct-response campaigns for high-tech, healthcare, consumer, travel-related, and major financial accounts that built sales and profits. I also offer experience managing other writers and copy/art teams, and have a proven ability to take a project from concept to consumer — including research and writing, as well as coordinating art, printing and mailing. Below I have provided a variety of samples across a wide range of media — direct mail, newspaper and magazine ads, email, online (websites, landing pages, banner ads, paid search), TV, radio, trade shows and more. Once you’ve had a chance to review the samples, I encourage you to give me a call at 562-857-2470 so we might explore how we can work together in the near future.

Press Releases

Press Release – Reflections on Sweetwater

Press Release – Canyon Resort

Press Release – Bristol Village

I have had the opportunity to write press releases over the course of my career. When I started they were generally new product releases that were picked up by industry specific publications and they were all mailed out with product photos. Most recently, I was creating them to announce new property acquisitions and other events for Steadfast Capital Markets Group and, as with so much other stuff these days, they all went out instantaneously over the Internet. I have attached a few samples in PDF form here for your enjoyment.