Interactive Exhibits

Working with an architectural firm in Long Beach back in 2013, I wrote the copy for the exhibits and helped develop the interactive games for the Kahramaa Awareness Park in Doha, Qatar. The park was created to teach children about the resources (or lack of) available in Qatar, a country that gets about 99% of its water through desalination. There are exhibits on the desalination process, as well as on how electricity and natural gas are produced (the country has one of the world’s largest known deposits of natural gas.) There were also exhibits on early engineering discoveries that came out of that part of the world, as well as, what types of energy sources are being worked on for the future. Most of the exhibits had some sort of simple interactive lesson or game that the children could learn from. The park was supposed to open in 2013 (at that time all of the writing had been completed and approved and was being translated into Arabic). I read that the park just opened in 2017 and found the attached video online that does a walk through of the finished facility. The exhibits that I see in the video look very much like I remember the designs we were working on. I would love to see the finished project in person, but for a number of reasons, including the fact that the park is half way around the world, I doubt that will happen.