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I recently completed an assignment with Steadfast Capital Markets Group in Irvine, CA. The company offers several alternative investment products. Until recently they had only offered Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), but while I was there we launched a new credit fund. The first of these ads was intended to introduce the company as a source for “ALLternative” products, but since the credit fund had not launched, due to SEC regulations, it could not be talked about. The second ad was for an existing REIT product. Again due to SEC and FINRA regulations I was very limited in what I could say in the ad, though we were able to highlight one of the key benefits. I highlighted that they look to increase overall value of the properties owned the REIT by doing selective upgrades to apartments within a property.

Free WatersFlyer_final

For several years I worked with a sleep clinic in Alaska. The clinic’s owner had a friend who was starting up a company that offered short Alaskan river trips basically for donations, and asked if I could help him develop an ad to promote the service. The piece was to distributed in the area to attract customers. We decided to promote the owner’s love for the local rivers and desire to share the experience with both local residents and tourists.

langer-juice-adI created this ad for the Langer Juice Company. It ran in a grocery chain house publication and was targeted to California consumers in agricultural areas of the state. It promotes the fact that the company is family run and uses local produce in its products. While I suggested images that would tie in with the family operated theme of the company, timing led the company to use only available product shots.

LDWebsitePoster_final.indd While technically not a print ad, this poster was used in all of the elevator lobbies at loanDepot when they launched the redesign of their website in 2015.

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Direct Response Ads

Practice Builders, Economy adPractice Builders, Economy ad  — During the recession of the 1990s we used this ad to educate and convince physicians that a recession can actually be one of the best times to build their businesses, if they market correctly. Too many small businesses are afraid to advertise in hard times and tend to miss out on the business that is still going on. Even in a recession you have to continue to let prospects know your services are available. Continue reading